School defaced with faeces






St. Joseph R. C. Primary School in Cotton Tree, Cayo, is faced with a serious case of vandalism and it is no ordinary case of vandalism. We must warn you at this point that the images we are about to show are a bit graphic. On Thursday June 19th, yesterday evening, Plus TV received word from the school administration of a revolting discovery. Two of the school padlocks, one securing the entrance to two separate classroom  were smudged in a dense layer of faeces.

vlcsnap-2014-06-23-05h26m53s144Jocelyn Coleman – Principal, St. Joseph R.C. School

“This morning we came in and we noticed that faeces were wiped on the padlocks of two classrooms.  They had faeces wiped on the walls.  So when we came, the teachers and students had to clean those padlocks and the walls of those classrooms, before children could use those classrooms.  We had to use soap powder, Flash, and Clorox to get it off, because the stench was terrible.  I really have no idea [who would want to do such a thing].

According to Principal Jocelyn Coleman this is not the first time that the school has been vandalized in such a repulsive way.

Jocelyn Coleman

“This is not the first time,  Actually, my teachers have found used condoms on the padlocks, faeces on the padlocks, different things written on the walls of buildings.  I mean, we just painted these buildings.  It’s really frustrating, and I am tired of it.  Two months ago they broke into my office again.  My office has been broken into almost ten times, through the ceiling, through windows, and now through another set of windows that I have in my office.”

Part of the problem that is attributing to the constant vandalism of the school is that the perimeter of the school grounds is not fenced, giving access to unwelcomed visitors during the night.

Jocelyn Coleman

“This place need to be fenced.  How long will we continue like this? Every time we have to be fixing, fixing, and fixing.

vlcsnap-2014-06-23-05h49m01s121Manuel Itza – Vice Principal, St. Joseph R.C. School

“I think it’s about time that we get a Police station, right here in Cotton Tree, because there is so much happening here in this village.  Whenever the Police is called , sometimes they respond, and sometimes they don’t.”


According to Principal Coleman, the Ministry of Education has been made aware of the ongoing vandalism of school property at St. Joseph R. C.

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