School Trip Disaster: 2 Students Drown

vlcsnap-2014-04-04-18h30m13s203Fourth form students from Escuela Mexico in Corozal were on a school trip to San Ignacio today and with the heat on, some of the students went for a swim in the Macal River by the wooden bridge connecting the twin towns.

However, something went wrong and two of them drowned.

Our Cayo affiliate, Kent Pandy, spoke to one of the men who assisted in the recovery of the 17 year old male’s body.

At the time of the time of the interview, the female had still not been found

Witness 1:  “We just hear the lee gial dih cry and ting like that and then we just jumped in side and thing, and then, when we just start diving and ting, we find one ah dih bally, but we no find the gial and then we tek ah out.  

Witness 2:  “Deh mih di sit dong anda da tree rite deh!”

Reporter Pandy:  “Then, you and who?”

Witness 1:  “Da me and wa next bally tek ah out. But then we try pump ah and ting and still, nothing.  E don mih dead already“.

Reporter Pandy:  “Did you see two of them or only one?”

Witness 1:  “Just one ah them we see, but then, we still jump eeana wata fih try find the adda one.  We still no find ah”.

vlcsnap-2014-04-04-18h47m14s89Reporter Pandy “The man was in his twenties or…?”

Witness 1:  “Da sixteen; da lone fourth Formers from Corozal”.

This evening, the body of the female student was retrieved from the river after a number of divers kept searching.

The families of the victims have all been notified and the bodies have been transported to the morgue.

Families, friends and classmates of the students have been hit hard by today’s tragedy.

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