Scotia Bank and Ministry of Education team up on book drive

Reading is fundamental and with schools to re-open in the next few weeks, families are scrambling for their children’s reading material. Today Scotiabank (Belize) Limited opened a book drive in which customers are asked to donate books and other supplies at their Scotiabank branch countrywide. We hear more from managing director for Scotiabank Michael Shaw.

Michael Shaw – Managing Director, Scotiabankvlcsnap-2015-08-12-09h48m12s97

“Scotiabank has always been very big on health and education. This represents the education arm of it. We’ve felt that there was an absolute need for our society to remain educated and it starts with the children. So, we launched this initiative to raise books primarily for our needy kids. We want to make sure that all children have an opportunity to be able to read and to learn and to grow and develop into good citizens and it starts at the kindergarten level. We started to raise books from the kindergarten level straight into the primary school. We started internally with our own staff and we decided that we are going to go all out to get involved the customers. Every single branch of Nova Scotia Belize is mandated to have a station such as this, where they are given the opportunity  books and it has been overwhelming.”

The Ministry of Education is also chipping in, according to Deputy Chief Education Officer Dr. Carol Babb.

Michael Shaw – Deputy Chief Education Officervlcsnap-2015-08-12-09h48m31s251

“We are going to make our own donation and we are also going to ask our staff and the entire ministry to make a donation at one of the Scotiabanks as well.

Aaron Humes – Plus TV Reporter

“I know of quite a few book vendors out of town that are selling books for high school, books for primary school. Will those people be encouraged to donate if they can’t find buyers?

 Michael Shaw

”That is an excellent suggestion. I think those venders, if they can’t sell those books, they can come into any of the Scotiabank branches and donate those books to some needy students.”


At the end of the month Scotiabank and the Ministry will distribute the books to selected schools. The initiative will become an annual event.

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