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[Norman Tyrone Gibson gunned down in Belize City]

A man was murdered in Belize City on Friday night. [NORMAN GIBSON PIC] He is 20 year old Norman Tyrone Gibson. Gibson was gunned down in front of the Michael Finnegan market on West Collet Canal. HE had been shot as many as five times; three of those bullets to the head. ASP Alejandro Cowo told us more. [NORMAN GIBSON MURDER INSERT 1]  Police say they believe Gibson was lured to the area where he was shot as it is not an area he is known to frequent. [NORMAN GIBSON MURDER INSERT 2] Police also say they had a female detained but she has since been released as their investigation continues. [[NORMAN GIBSON MURDER INSERT 3] //[end]


[Bullet grazes face of taxi man]

A taxi man was shot on Sunday night. 35 year old Reginald Garoy, a resident of George Street, Belize City, was sitting inside his taxi cab on East Canal by the Rocky Road bridge when someone shot him. Garoy ran to the nearest police station. Police told us more. [REGINALD GOROY SHOOTING INSERT] Police say they have not established motive as yet but Garoy is a George Street resident and apparently had taken a client in the East Canal area where he ended up having vehicle problems when he was shot at.  Police do have a patrol in the area but they were not there at the time of the shooting. [PATROL INSERT//[end]


 [Couple shot in their store in Orange Walk]

[ORANGE WALK SHOOTING FOOTAGE] There was another shooting incident on Sunday; this time in Orange Walk where a couple was shot in their store called AMINCI’s store situated at the corner of  Liberty Avenue and Boundary Road.  [OW SHOOTING INSERT]   The shooting does not appear to have anything to do with a robbery. There was nothing stolen. So what is the motive? [OW SHOOTING INSERT 2] //[end]




[Belmopan woman hospitalised after being stabbed]
One woman is left hospitalized after being the victim of a stabbing incident in Belmopan. [E and L BAR FOOTAGE] The incident happened sometime around midnight last night at E&L’s sport’s bar in Belmopan. The victim, 32 year old Ferita Orozco, was at the bar with her sister, Kimberly Hyde and her husband, when Dina Martinez, a resident of Belmopan approached Orozco and reportedly stabbed her 10 times. Hyde told us more. [OROZCO STABBING INSERT] The motive appears to be linked to some sort of love. The family has reported that Martinez has made several threats to them before. Orozco is currently at the Western Regional Hospital after receiving three stab wounds to her face, and one in her abdomen. Dina Martinez has been charged for the offence of wounding and was arraigned today. She pleaded not guilty but was denied bail and remanded until April 4th.     [//FemAUDIO//]


[Darrell Alvarez charged for stabbing ex and her new boyfriend]
[DARRELL ALVAREZ PIC] In another stabbing incident story, 31 year old Darrell Alvarez was charged with aggravated assault and wounding which allegedly occurred last week Thursday , February 8th. 35-year-old Rhonda Burgess and her boyfriend, Erick Tillett, were at a home on  Gill Street when they were both attacked and stabbed to various parts of their bodies.  This morning, Alvarez, the ex boyfriend of the victim Rhonda Burgess, was arraigned before newly appointed Magistrate Khadeen Palmer. Alvarez is accused of barging into the home of Rhonda’s sister home and attacking them with a knife. Rhonda was stabbed to her back and arm and her boyfriend received stab wounds to his face.   In court today, Alvarez was only charged for aggravated assault and wounding upon his ex and no charges have  yet been leveled for the attack on Erick Tillett.   Alvarez has been in police custody since last week Friday after the incident.   He had appeared in the Belize Family Court on Friday, February 9, on charge of breaching a protection order that Burgess had in place since their separation. Darrell Alvarez was also out on Supreme Court bail for an arson charge he picked up some years ago in which he was accused of burning down his sister’s home after she had put him out of the house. //[Anita]



[Man remanded after aggravated burglary on Coastal Road]

[FLOYD ESCARPETA PIC]  Tonight, 23 year old Floyd Escarpeta, a Construction Worker of Mahogany Heights area is on remand at the Belize Central Prison after being arraigned this morning in the Belize City Magistrate’s Court for the offenses of burglary and theft.  Escarpeta is accused of entering the home of 92 year old Modesto Bardarlez and stealing some assorted tools as well as the elderly man’s 2-door Ford Pick-up valued at $8,000.00.   In court, Escarpeta appeared before Chief Magistrate Sharon Fraser unrepresented where he pled not guilty to both charges.   However although the offenses are bailable matters, prosecutor in the case, Inspector Egbert Castillo had heavy objections to bail. He submitted that  the 92-year old farmer was gagged during the burglary and because of the heinous act on the senior citizen, Escarpeta may be in danger of retaliation by family members of the elderly victim. The victim apparently knew his attackers well because from time to time, he was known to assist them when they would make stops at his home for help.   According to the police facts against Escarpeta, police picked him up based on the description given by the victim and he assisted their investigation by helping the police locate the stolen vehicle.  Chief Magistrate, Sharon Fraser denied bail to Escarpeta and remanded him into custody at the Belize Central Prison until May 14, 2018.//[Anita]





[Suspect escapes from police; gun and ammo found]

Police are looking for a suspect who managed to give police the slip on Saturday morning.  Police were on mobile patrol when they spotted a suspicious looking male. [ESCAPED SUSPECT INSERT] 

[GUN PIC] The  point 38 Smith and Wesson revolver brand and [BULLET PIC] four live rounds of ammunition were deposited as found property. Up to our news time, police had not indicated if the suspect has been located as yet. //[end]

[Andy Rhaburn charged with attempted murder]

[ANDY RHABURN PIC]  26 year old Andy Rhaburn killed his mother  in January of this year. He had allegedly hit his mother in the head with a crow bar and then ran down the street where he met another woman and also hit her in the head. While the mother, Braulia Pech did not survive, the other woman, Lilia Xujur, did.  Rhaburn was on the run for about a week before police caught up with him and shot him in the arm and hip. That was on January 22. Today, police have informed that they have officially charged Rhaburn with  Attempted Murder and use of Deadly Means of Harm on Lilia Xujur.//[end]



[PUP National Convention held in Belize City]

The PUP held its national convention yesterday, Sunday February 11th at the ITVET Compound in Belize City. [PUP CONVENTION FOOTAGE 1] Thousands of supporters, some estimates say close to 14,000 people, came from across the country in a throng of Blue to endorse party Leader Johnny Briceno and show their readiness for the upcoming municipal elections. The event was carried live on Channel 5 and streamed on facebook to thousands more at home across the country. Several PUP Candidates and party supporters took the stage throughout the evening and several entertainers also appeared to energize the crowd. During the event, the media had an opportunity to speak to PUP Party Leader, Johnny Briceno. He was first asked about the size and significance of the crowd and special speakers for the evening. [ JOHNNY BRICENO INSERT 1]  The Peoples United Party controls only one of nine municipalities, and while the party wants to increase its standings in the district towns, for sure, its eyes are on the largest Municipality; Belize City. Leader of the Opposition, Honorable Briceno says that, after spending millions in Belize City, the UDP has still not delivered for the residents. [JOHNNY BRICENO INSERT 2] The upcoming municipal elections can be termed as Midterm elections because the next general elections are slated for 2020. [PUP CONVENTION FOOTAGE 2] Issues such as voter turnout, the size of a party’s war chest, and syncing the municipal government to central government for resources, all play a role in how voters will cast their ballots on election day. Briceno says Orange Walk  Town is proof that a PUP Council can deliver goods and services to a municipality even if the Central government is UDP. [JOHNNY BRICENO INSERT 3] The media also asked Hon Briceno to comment on recent ads which tried to associate him with Michael Ashcroft. Here is how that went [JOHNNY BRICENO INSERT 4 ]

[PUP CONVENTION FOOTAGE 3] Before the Convention began there was a parade held through the streets of Belize City . Nomination day is slated for February 21st.//[end]






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