Search for Corwin Mendoza continues in Roaring Creek

An anonymous phone call yesterday alerted the Belmopan police that 24 year old Resident of Roaring Creek Village Corwin Mendoza, believed to have been missing since Sunday evening, was murdered and his body disposed of in the nearby creek.

Belmopan Police, along with assistance from the Belize Coast Guard and residents of the community, combed the waters of the creek from the area behind the Nazarene Primary School, all the way to the mouth of the creek where it meets the Belize Old river.

The search was put on hold at around 4:00 pm on Monday after a fruitless search.

Today the search resumed. Police explained what the investigations are revealing so far.


vlcsnap-2014-11-11-16h21m19s24Superintendent Howell Gillett – Officer Commanding Belmopan Police Station

“The investigation is telling us that, the person who we cannot locate at this time, Mr Mendoza, he might have been involved with a dispute with his common-law wife.  There were others who intervened, and that is when he was reportedly injured. 

We believe we have information or evidence to suggest that those who we have in custody are very useful to the police. 


Emanuel Pech – Reporter

“Are the persons in custody still persons of interest, or has it been upgraded to suspects?”


Superintendent Howell Gillett

“Well, at this time we’re waiting for a directive, to see if we can prefer charges against one or any more of the persons in custody.”


The family despatched their own search party earlier today and say they are now moving the search inland.


vlcsnap-2014-11-11-16h33m48s206Jesse Mendoza – Brother of Missing Man

“I know a close family friend.  The last time he was seen was shortly after 8 Sunday night.  From rumours and people within the community, people have expressed that they heard him calling out for help.  They heard the screams, but the police wasn’t informed of the incident until Monday morning.  

During our search we come across evidence and articles of clothing, and areas of blood, that leads down to the creek.  That is really why we’re searching in that area. 

vlcsnap-2014-11-11-17h03m56s18Because those searches have not been successful so far, we’ll be doing a land search.”  

According to members of the family, on Sunday, the last time Corwin was seen, he was wearing this blue shirt with blue jeans pants.

Jesse Mendoza, brother of the missing man, told Plus News that though the family still hopes that Corwin will be found alive, all indications are saying otherwise.



vlcsnap-2014-11-11-16h43m45s190Jesse Mendoza

“Today they’re searching more downstream within the river, in hopes of finding the body.  Really, that’s where we’re at, at the moment.”



“How are you guys so certain that you will find him, you will find his body, and not find him alive?”


Jesse Mendoza

“I mean, all indications are pointing towards that.”


Late this evening new information came suggesting that Corwin Mendoza after being injured could have been removed from area via a vehicle.


Superintendent Howell Gillett

“Just as of today, we have brought in a vehicle, and that vehicle will be fully searched, and whatever evidence we find in it, if there is any, will be sent to our forensic lab for testing. 

The investigation is still open.  It’s not one where we’re coming from broad to narrow.  There was initially information that the person might have been thrown in the river. 

We’re doing all within our power to search that area, but also there’s new information that came in that suggests that the person might have been taken away from there  in a motor vehicle.  Hence the reason why we’re impounding the vehicle at this time.”


Corwin is the father of a 4 year old child.

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