Search for missing Belmopan taxi driver continues

vlcsnap-2013-07-16-19h00m41s117Authorities are still looking for a Belmopan taxi man who disappeared this past week. While the search for 45 year old Jose Marin Umana Aguilar stretched into its fourth day, his family is grasping for any lead that could aid in his discovery. His common law-wife, Lucia Aleman says she last saw her husband on Saturday morning just before noon.  He was with her at her fruit and vegetable stall at the market when he left to go attend to his taxi. That’s when a man of Indian descent approached him; the two got into a cab and left.

Lucia Aleman – Wife of Jose Aguilar:
vlcsnap-2013-07-16-19h01m33s110I saw him that same day about eleven.
He gone to the car, because he come to me and then he gone right up to the car.
I phone he 15 minutes after that but he no answer the phone. By one o’clock they off the phone.  So from that right there, I don’t know nothing where is him.

Lucia Aleman and her common law husband have been together for the past seven years. She knows him better than anyone else she says and there was never an indication that his life was in danger, as he was he was not a troublesome person.

Lucia Aleman – Wife of Jose Aguilar:
It never cross my mind, because he’s a person he never stayed a night, and answered the phone if somebody else. When he see one number what he don’t know, so he no answer the phone.  He’s somebody where he come out seven o’clock the morning, and go in the latest is eight o’clock.  He never is a person drinking the night, or go out or stay asleep out of the house.  He’s a person where he stay home every day.  So I don’t know why they have to do something like this.  I no got no idea, because he never talk to me he’s a troubled man, or nobody.  You could ask everybody with taxi, one next taxi guy, they will  tell you the same thing..

According to his wife, there were sightings of Aguilar in Ontario Village.  Locals say they saw him drop off two men at a bar around 1 o’clock that afternoon. It was near that bar that his rented cab was found abandoned on Sunday. Police say the vehicle’s hubcaps and the stereo had been removed, but that no sign of a struggle of any kind was noticed in the car.  Aleman says her husband had been carrying around some five thousand dollars for the past two weeks – he planned on buying a car and was only waiting on the go-ahead from the dealer. She fears that someone found out about the money and targeted him. Aleman, along with a search team rummaged through the area yesterday, but turned up nothing. It’s been almost a week since he disappeared and she pleads with anyone who may have information regarding his disappearance to contact the Police.

Lucia Aleman – Wife of Jose Aguilar:
I appeal some people for go, and … them come to and them gone, and they no find nothing.
Ask the people if they know something, to phone the Police and tell what them see or whatsoever, because I don’t know where he get.

The profession of a taxi operator can be a dangerous one, as many transport complete strangers. We spoke with one cab driver who reiterated this sentiment. He told us about one frightening experience he had and also shared his thoughts on the missing cabdriver.

Taxi Driver:
I know him but from far, you know.  I met him when I came out here on taxi in 2008.  I know him.  He’s a respectful person.  He show all respect to me personally, and I believe the same with the others.  They know him as a respectful person.
The [work of a] taxi driver is really hard at this time, because I’ve been through a few examples, what I experience as a taxi driver.  I meet a guy right at the Market Square.  He wanted a taxi run.  I carry him and halfway he told me we don’t know where he want to go, but when I look at him through the rear mirror, in the glass now, he look so suspicious, like he wanted to do something, like he wanted to change directions.  I tell him, “You know what, right here is the place where I will lef you,” which is right in front of Comprehensive High School, where the security guard is there.

After the man exited the cab, he walked back toward the direction they came from, a move the driver says demonstrated that he made right decision in letting the passenger out when he did. But tonight the family of Jose Aguilar fears that he may not have been so lucky and are desperate for answers.  Jose Marin Umana Aguilar is of Honduran descent, 5ft 7? and weighs about 150lbs. He was last seen wearing long blue jeans, white shirt and a pair of white tennis shoes. At this time, authorities do not a lead and so are asking that if anyone has information regarding Aguilar’s disappearance -call the nearest Police Station. Jose Aguilar has one child – a four year old daughter.

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