Security guard at Caribbean Shrimp suffering from pellet wounds

There was another shooting incident over the weekend which took place in the Village of Ladyville. According to police reports,  at about 10:30 pm, Charlie Macintosh received a phone call from Alejandro Calderon, one of his security guards of Caribbean Shrimp located in the Milpa Area, Ladyville Village, who informed him he had gotten shot.  As a result Charlie Macintosh reportedly visited the area, where he found Alejandro Calderon on the floor suffering from multiple pellet wounds all over his body. Mr Calderon informed him that while he was inside his house at the Caribbean Shrimp compound, someone stoned the house with an object. Upon going outside to investigate, they fired shots at him. Alejandro Calderon is enlisted at the KHMH in a stable condition while police continue to investigate.

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