Security Guard chopped to death in Belmopan

60 year old Feliciano Richard Noralez/McKoy, a security guard for Anchor’s security, was hacked to death in the wee hours of Tuesday morning.

According to reports, Mr Noralez was alone on the second floor of the office of Anchor’s security, situated on Entrepreneur Street, just off Forest Drive, Belmopan, when at around 3:00 a.m. a man armed with a machete went up the steps to the second floor where Feliciano Noralez was brutally chopped to death. The perpetrator escaped, but not before taking several items from the office.

An eyewitness claims to have seen a man in a hooded shirt running away from the building in a northerly direction with a long sharp object in his hand resembling a machete.

Shortly after 5:00 am, when the distress call was made, police arrived at the scene and were greeted with the lifeless body of Mr Noralez lying face down in a pool of blood. Feliciano Noralez’s body was observed with chop wounds to the head and an amputated hand.


vlcsnap-2015-02-04-04h53m48s83Superintendant Howell Gillett – Officer Commanding Belmopan Police Station
“So far we have one person in custody, and we are looking for a second person who can greatly assist us in this investigation.

We have also retrieved one of the three items that were stolen.  What we’ve been told so far [is] that a phone, some cash, and a 9mm  belonging to the Anchor Security was stolen during this incident.

We have thus far recovered the phone, and we are looking for the other two items along with the next suspect that we believe can help us in this investigation.”


Even though the  investigation is still young, authorities say they have narrowed down the murder to two possible motives. Supt. Howell Gillett explains.


Superintendant Howell Gillett

“We had more than two motives in the earlier part of this investigation. But as you would readily agree that this is a young investigation, but thus far we remain with two possible motives; one is robbery, because items were stolen; and two, is that a disgruntle employee might have gone back to hurt someone and send a message to the company. So, those are the two motives. I think that we are more narrowing down onto one.”


vlcsnap-2015-02-04-07h10m39s14This picture of Mr Noralez was taken while he slept. It was captured by his loved ones who remember Feliciano Noralez as a jovial person.


vlcsnap-2015-02-04-05h00m19s167Sherida Arana – Common Law Wife

[Paraphrased] “I just want justice.  All I want is justice.  If I could only see the person, I would ask him why. I would watch him in the face and ask him why, because he didn’t do anybody anything.”




vlcsnap-2015-02-04-05h42m44s245Kodi McKoy – Son of Deceased

[Paraphrased]  “He was a person who was loving to everyone, the neighbors, friends, all the kids.  We love my father and he shows much us love and appreciation.

This person came and took my father like this, the brutal chopping up and the disfigurement of my father.

I don’t know what to say, but they have to realize what they are doing to this family that they are hurting, because it’s not one or two persons, this man has a young child.  It hurts us. 

The Police are doing a wonderful job. They are busy investigating. Kudos to the Police.  I thank them very much.

We just hope that at the end of the day we could get some justice. That’s all we want.  It doesn’t have to be street justice, because street justice is right around the corner. Anyone of us can do that, but we want the real justice from the law.”


In April, Mr Noralez would have completed one year of working at Anchor’s Security.

Police investigations continue.

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