Security guard killed while on duty

vlcsnap-2013-05-13-21h01m17s213A security guard was killed on Friday night. 23 year old Randy Casey was on duty outside Kenny Store, situated on Flamingo Avenue in San Ignacio Town, when shortly before 8pm, a masked man, dressed in a black T-shirt and 3/4 pants, approached him and fired three shots at him. When Police arrived at the scene, Casey was still alive and suffering with two gunshot wounds, one to the upper left side of his chest and one to the lower left of the abdomen. Inspector Reymundo Reyes is the Deputy Commanding the San Ignacio Formation.

Inspector Reymundo Reyes – Deputy Commander San Ignacio: 
vlcsnap-2013-05-13-21h01m37s186He had what appeared to be two gunshot wounds on the left side of his chest, and his lower abdomen.  He was rushed to the Hospital, and on arrival he was pronounced dead.  Investigation is that the young man by the name of Randy Casey, 23 years old of Camelote Village, was performing duties at the said store, when a gunman dressed in full black with a mask over his face approached the man and fired three shots at his direction, hitting his on his body.  As the young man dropped to the ground he was searched.  His .22 pistol that he had as part of his equipment was stolen from him, and the person made good his escape.

Inspector Reyes also spoke on the development of Police investigation so far.

Inspector Reymundo Reyes – Deputy Commander San Ignacio: 
vlcsnap-2013-05-13-21h10m03s91At this present moment the investigation is still going on.  We know that it is not a case of a robbery, that they wanted to rob the store.  We’re still trying to establish whether the intent was just to kill the young man or maybe for the weapon, ’cause his weapon was stolen.
We have one person in custody who we are questioning, but at this moment we do not have much evidence to say that he is the person that we would arrest and charge at the end of the day.

The person presently detained by Police is 16 years old.

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