Security Guard Must Compensate For Stolen Phone

KBH security guard Lincoln Morales, 23, must compensate the owner of a white Samsung Galaxy cellular phone, which he allegedly stole and then threw into the canal to avoid being caught.

He pleaded guilty to theft before Senior Magistrate Sharon Frazer and was fined $600 plus cost of court. Lincoln Morales must pay student Tara Wade of Bermudian Landing, Belize District, the value of the phone which is $1,800. The fine is due on February 28, in default six months in prison, and he must pay $50 every two weeks for the compensation until he meets the full amount.

On New Year’s Day around 11:00 p.m. Tara Wade was at her uncle’s house on East Collet Canal and Allenby Streets, Belize City, socializing and went to a nearby Chinese shop to buy, leaving behind her purse containing the phone in her uncle’s car, which was parked in front of his house.

On her return she checked her purse,  but could not find the phone. Lincoln Morales was also present and was seen throwing something white into the nearby canal, according to her statement to police. Tara Wade said that she confronted Morales who claimed he was throwing away a Belikin bottle, which is green rather than white.

Lincoln Morales was taken to the Racoon Street Police Station and cautioned, where he admitted that he did throw away the phone after taking it from her purse because he feared being hurt if Wade and her family knew he had stolen the phone. He did not say why he went into the vehicle and took the phone in the first place.

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