Security Guard Robbed of Firearm

vlcsnap-2014-01-17-19h17m42s39stabbing with pickA security guard was assaulted and robbed of his firearm while on duty last night. The 27 year old Haitian guard, attached to the AAA Security Firm told Police that he was performing security duties at the Inspiration Center, when around midnight, two men approached him from behind. The men, described as dark complexion apparently jumped the fence of the establishment.

One of the assailants pointed a gun at the right side of his head, while the other confiscated the guard’s black handle .38 revolver, which at the time contained 5 matching rounds. and a hand held radio, property of the security firm.

Also stolen was his grey Samsung brand cellular phone with calling number 661-3228. The assailants then hit him on the head with firearm and made good their escape.

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