A security van carrying four Security Guards was ambushed and robbed on Magazine Street in Belize City early this morning. The guards are all employees of Brint’s Secuirty Company. Police tells us more about this incident 

Wilfredo Ferrufino, National Crimes Investigation Branch: There was another report of a robbery, this would be Jody Ramdas. He is the supervisor for Brint’s Security Company. He reported that about 3am on the 6th of June, whilst he was retrieving employees, he was accosted by 3 masked men. These mask men proceeded to rob him of two 9mm pistols, property of the security firm. The matter is under investigation and police are seeking suspects in regards to this

Last night we told you that work is being done on Albert Street to decrease the occurrences of robberies in that area. This morning, Police told the media that the Department is also working in like manner throughout the City to fight these crimes. 

Wilfredo Ferrufino, National Crimes Investigation Branch: What I can tell you is that the robberies are being investigated and it is being looked at in that angle in the investigative aspect, and like wise there are operational aspects or operational measures that have been put into place. I don’t want to go in to details in regards to that but there are measures being put in place to alleviate or try to combat the series of robberies.

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