Seeking justice for murdered loved ones

vlcsnap-2017-05-08-20h42m01s164 vlcsnap-2017-05-08-20h42m12s419Recently we have reported on several cases of loved ones not seeing justice for their murdered family members. We recently reported on the court case of William Gillett who walked from murder charges in the case of the murder of  Belmopan resident Norval Belisle. The young man’s throat was slit with a broken bottle as he tried to part a fight near a local club. The family was grieved with the verdict as they thought that since there were several witnesses, the case would have seen an easy conviction. That was not the case. There was not enough evidence. Then we saw on Friday the prayer vigil that the Thimbriel and Lopez families held in Camalote . Their sons, both cousins, were gunned down on a street near the boys’ homes. Akeem Thimbriel was shot multiple times and was transported to the Western Regional hospital one year ago. He died while undergoing treatment. Shawn Lopez  was also shot multiple times and he died on the spot. One year ago; yet no one has been arrested and the families say they are awaiting justice.  Today, another grieving parent called into this morning’s Rise and Shine Show and shared about the loss of his son, vlcsnap-2017-05-09-20h23m06s861Michael Usher, vlcsnap-2017-05-09-20h17m23s734who was gunned down in Hatteiville in March of this year. He says, like many other cases, he is awaiting justice as  police have not made any arrests in the murder of his son.

Clement Usher, Father of Michael Usher, Deceased: My son was murdered the 11th of March, and up to now we haven’t heard anything. In Hattieville he was shot 4 times and nothing. I don’t know, they arrested someone but they had to release him because of no evidence, I just called to say that. Right at his aunt’s house, he was sitting on a bucket outside when the gunman came and fired two shots that caught him on the side. And when he fell they went over him and shot him in the head. There were no eye witnesses. After the shooting, the police was in the area and the police said that they heard the shots and they went right there and he was right on the ground dead.

The father, Mr. Clement Usher, went on to say that the police have not spoken to him about his son’s murder or relayed to him what progress they are making, if any, in the case.

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