Seine Bight residents threaten protest over vehicle confiscation

The Police Department, based in Placencia, has been accused of taking away the vehicles of several residents of the village of Seine Bight in recent months based on charges of illegal activity. Dangriga resident and Seine Bight native Arthur Roy Williams tells us more.

Arthur Roy Williams:
vlcsnap-2013-06-04-19h44m46s108The Police they claim that some of the guys they found seawater around the place.  They’re going around taking away vehicles from people.  In fact, even one of my family members who is in the Cayman, they want to take away her vehicle when she sweat hard for a vehicle, to send it down to Seine Bight.
The Police suspect [illegal activity].

Williams says that they now intend to make representation to the Commissioner of Police and Minister of National Security to solve the problem.

Arthur Roy Williams:
It’s apparent that whenever these vehicles from Seine Bight were taken away, that the FIU they didn’t have any information, didn’t know anything about the vehicle.  So what we are doing, the persons that were involved in this, they are not in the country at the moment, however when they return  we will see where we can come to some solution.  I’m a part of this investigation as well, silently.  However I’m in the background looking in, and if we don’t get any justice, if the vehicle do not returned, we will take this matter into a demonstration in the South.

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