Selwyn King explains Patrick Menzies status with UB

vlcsnap-2013-06-18-19h25m34s24They shot the whistle-blower. That’s Patrick Menzies’ claim for why he is no longer serving as an adjunct lecturer at the University of Belize. According to Menzies, who we spoke with yesterday, when he showed up to teach his Management Information Systems class, he found out that another lecturer had been assigned to the class and he was out. Menzies is now accusing the University of victimizing him, after  he released the findings of a research conducted by himself and his students last semester. The research, says Menzies, shows misinformation and misrepresentation of the university’s credit transfer policy, resulting in students paying thousands of extra dollars for classes they do not have to take. The university has since responded to that accusation by asserting their credit system and maintaining that they are in the process of digitizing the process of credit transfer so if individuals can cite specific cases of inconsistencies in credit transfers, the matter will be investigated. Consequently, the University states that this is not the reason Menzies is not teaching at the school and that in fact Menzies was never fired, rather he was not re-hired as an adjunct lecturer. There’s a difference says Selwyn King, Director of Public Information for the university, he explained.

Selwyn King – Director of Public Information UB:
vlcsnap-2013-06-18-19h25m47s152Mr Menzies is not employed by the University of Belize.  I find it difficult of him reporting that he was fired. The process of hiring adjunct lecturers at the University is simple.  Adjuncts are hired on the based on a mutual agreement between the University and the Adjunct for the duration of a specific time period in order to facilitate delivery of course or courses to students.  I will be the first to apologize to Mr Menzies if there was any miscommunication, or the lack of communication, between himself and whoever he may have been engaging in that communication process.

King then went on to explain the standard process exercised by the university in the hiring of adjunct professors.

Selwyn King – Director of Public Information UB:
The Chairs of the respective departments in the various faculties identify and make recommendations to the deans of the respective faculties of the initial selection of adjunct, based on academic qualifications coupled with experience. Thereafter upon the completion of due diligence of consummation of the academic qualifications by the Office of Human Resources, a recommendation is submitted to the office of the Provost to ensure verification of the faculty assignments of courses.  One has to take into account, the final stage of the process involves contractual arrangements between the office of Human Resources, on behalf of the University, and the adjunct.

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