Senate Meeting; loan bills approved

vlcsnap-2014-06-20-06h47m45s107vlcsnap-2014-06-20-06h48m08s56The Senate met today to discuss the bills and motions read at the meeting of the House of Representatives last week Friday. Senator the Hon. Lisel Alamilla was not present however , present was Lee Mark Chang, former UDP Standard Bearer for the Freetown Constituency. The two new Senators for the PUP , Senator Patrick Andrews and Senator Anthony Sylvester were both absent from Thursday morning’s Senate meeting. The Senate approved the bills read at the house last week: the first allows for a loan of  BZ$20 million to the Development Finance Corporation (DFC) line of Credit from the Social Security Board;  the second allows for a loan of US $11,231,000 to BEL from the Caribbean Development Bank at an interest rate of 4.1% per annum to be paid quarterly on the outstanding balance and a commitment fee at a rate of 1% to be paid quarterly on the amount of the loan withdrawn from time to time.

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