Senator Has no Comment about Facebook Postings

vlcsnap-2014-04-23-17h16m26s220Porfilio Rodriguez, who calls himself Vanessa Paris Champaign, was murdered, that is what the good attorney and senator Lisa Shoman posted on her facebook news feed on Friday of last week.

According to Senator Shoman’s post “she was stabbed multiple times; allegedly by the same set of guys who assaulted her on Vernon street- in Placencia at around 7:25” 

Four hours later, after Placencia police denied any such occurrence,  senator Shoman updated her post with a new claim “Vanessa was apparently attacked – but she WAS NOT murdered as previously reported.” Caleb Orozco, comment also had a similar reported adding that

“This time she made a report and got a medico-legal form and reported the incident to and Officer Cal who is stationed in Independence, according to her”

We called the Mango Creek Police and we were told that no Officer Cal is stationed there.  Also no such report was made. Today, in Belmopan, we approached Attorney and Senator Lisa Shoman for comment on the matter, but she didn’t have much to say:

vlcsnap-2014-04-23-17h28m44s144Hon. Lisa Shoman- Senator of the People’s United Party

Reporter Emanuel Pech:  “Last week, you made some pretty bold…”

Senator Lisa Shoman:  “Comments…”

Reporter Emanuel Pech:  “…statements on Facebook of Vanessa that she was first murdered, but there was no confirmation of that.  Do you have any comments for that, Miss”.

Senator Lisa Shoman:  “No comments”.

Reporter Emanuel Pech:  “Do you still hold that Vanessa was beaten up, because we could not find any sources that…we verified with the police and we could not find…”

Senator Lisa Shoman:  “I am not going to give you a comment, thank you”.

Reporter Emanuel Pech:  “Alright, thank you, Miss”.

Shoman did not tell us whether or not she maintains that Porfilio Rodriguez was assaulted, despite no evidence being uncovered of such an assault, and she has not made any Facebook update on the matter.

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