Senator Hulse Comments on Barrow’s Definition of Corruption

vlcsnap-2014-01-24-07h58m05s91The meeting of the House of Representatives which took place this past Wednesday buzzed with many interesting topics. Above all were the many cheques that Castro had been receiving from the Belize Airport Authority. When the stories started to air in the local media, public opinion screamed corruption. Nevertheless, the Prime Minister denounced this by saying it was morally, and political wrong, but in no way was it corrupt. Today we asked Godwin Hulse, Minister of Immigration and Nationality, who rose to office on an anti-corruption platform, to shed some light on what the Prime Minister meant by his statement.

vlcsnap-2014-01-24-21h50m13s0Hon. Godwin Hulse- Senator of the UDP and Minister of Immigration and Government Business

“I think what the Prime Minister was trying to do was to make a clear distinction that in fact, (and I won’t try to paraphrase the learnt gentleman) between an undercover, so to speak, situation vis avi, the statutory body making funds available to a minister and he clearly denounced it. But he wanted it to make the distinction that, in fact, those cheques were properly signed by people authorized to signed and paid by that agency to the minister concerned. I think that was the distinction he was trying to make.  It is not under the table, improperly signed; I think that is what I understood from what he said”. 

And what he said was, “I find it utterly and completely distasteful, and I think the Airport’s Authority and the Minister are both wrong…but call it what it is.  It is not corruption.”

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