Senator Shoman to speak on dismissed motion

As we told you yesterday, Senator Lisa Shoman’s application to introduce a motion for the vlcsnap-2013-12-10-23h28m15s255appointment of a Select Committee of the Senate was struck down by the Senate’s President. The Special Committee would have been tasked with evaluating ongoing investigations at the Ministry of Immigration and Nationality.


vlcsnap-2013-12-17-20h18m17s157President Marco Pech says that the motion was rejected on the grounds that it is the same Motion that was defeated at the last meeting-of the Senate – that is a motion for appointment of a Senate inquiry at the Ministry.   Senator Shoman argues that in principle, it is not the same motion, but in fact, it cites as the legal basis, completely different powers of the Senate than the last time.  Nevertheless, Shoman’s latest application will not be tabled; however we might very well still see a showdown on the matter at tomorrow’s Senate meeting.

Senator Shoman has requested leave, in writing of the President of the Senate to speak on the adjournment at tomorrow’s Senate Meeting.  The topic? The Senate and Democracy.  We will show you how that turns out in tomorrow’s newscast.

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