Senator Shoman’s Select Committee Motion Rejected by Senate’s President

On Tuesday, we told you of PUP Senator the Hon. Lisa Shoman’s application to introduce a motion for the appointment of a Select Committee of the Senate at the upcoming sitting of the Senate.

vlcsnap-2013-12-10-23h31m24s133vlcsnap-2013-12-10-23h28m15s255The Select Committee would serve as inquirer of the duties and the execution of function of the Auditor General, the Contractor General, the Ombudsman and any Chief Executive Officer in a Government Ministry. In addition, the Committee would be authorized to require the attendance of any Minister of Government. And in its first order of business, the Committee would summon the attendance of the Auditor General and the Minister and the Chief Executive Officer of the Ministry of Immigration and Nationality – this is in light of reports of improprieties and irregularities in the processing and issuance of nationality certificates, passports and visas at the Ministry. However, Shoman will not be able to present the motion, as her aplication was rejected by the Senate’s President, Marco Pech. The President’s decision and his reasoning, addressed to the Senator, is as follows

As the President of the Senate, I have directed the Clerk not to include your Motion in the Orders of the Day for the Special Sitting of the Senate scheduled for Wednesday 18th December 2013 for the reason that the same Motion was defeated at the last meeting-of the Senate held on the 6th November 2013.”

The motion which Pech makes mention of is one for the appointment of a Senate inquiry at the Ministry of Immigration. He reasons that Senator Shoman is attempting to reinstate her initial request.  As we have previously reported, there is only one of two ways that a discarded motion can return to the Senate, either by a discharge of the question or a prorogation of the House. But it is an entirely different motion contests Shoman, she noted on her Facebook page today “NOW THE THING IS, IT IS NOT THE SAME MOTION.  It cites as the legal basis, completely different POWERS of the Senate than the last time.” Shoman says she will address the matter at Wednesday’s meeting of the Senate.

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