Senators want to know from PM; Where’s the 13th Senator?

The Senators for the social partners wrote a letter to Prime Minister Dean Barrow, seeking clarity as to why the promised 13th Senator has not been delivered.

In a letter dated October 2, 2014, and signed by Business Senator Hon. Mark Lizarraga,  Church Senator Hon. Father Noel Leslie, and Union Senator Hon. Ray Davis, they asked the Prime Minister  to respond as to why he has delayed in the appointment of the 13th Senator. The letter reads, “ In your 2008 Manifesto the United Democratic Party pledged to implement immediately the reform agenda in order for recall mechanisms for elected officials, prosecution under an unjust enrichment law, an empowered Senate controlled by social partners, and air tight accountability to the Auditor General, Contractor General, and Ombudsman.”

The manifesto went on to declare that the UDP government would  “reform the Senate to ensure that those senators nominated by the opposition and non-Government opposition together constitute the majority”.

The letter to the Prime Minister also states that the National Assembly has already passed the law providing the mechanism for the appointment of the 13th Senator. “The implementation of the law only awaits the issuance of an Order, a matter that is entirely within [the Prime Minister’s] control”.

The letter closes off by saying that the Senators are awaiting a response from the PM on the issue.

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