Senior Employees fired at BNE

And while KHMH is terminating employees, so is Belize Natural Energy, BNE. Today, Plusnews has been able to confirm that since the beginning of this week, several  senior employees have been terminated.  Those offices affected include those of the Chief Finance Officer, the Legal Advisor,  and  the Human Resource Manager, among others.  We know that recently, CEO Henry Canton was replaced by Marlo Neal.  Today we called BNE to find out if there will be more terminations in the days ahead as the staff of over 130 employees have expressed concern as their superiors are being let go, as we understand it, without expressed reason. Most of these people have served BNE for 12 years or more. When we called, we were told that the only person authorized to speak on the issue was the new CEO Marlo Neal but we were informed that he would get back to us.  Up to ou r news time, we have not heard anything from BNE as questions abound over whether or not the company may be “going under

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