Seniority and Qualifications; Necessary for Promotion in the Ministry of Health?

There is still no resolution between the Pharmacy Association and the Ministry of Health over the creation of a post for a Minister’s daughter; that post being the Director of Drug Inspectorate.

vlcsnap-2014-06-03-22h08m19s106According to the Pharmacist Association, Danini Contreras superseded senior officials in the Ministry for a position that the Association says she is not qualified for.

While the tensions regarding that situation are still taut, there are now new accusations of yet another post in the Ministry of Health being filled due to preferential treatment as opposed to seniority or qualifications.

At the resignation of the previous Director of Central Medical Laboratory, a Medical Technologist 2 from Corozal Hospital, on pay scale 10,  landed the job after superseding seven senior persons who were lined up for the post, all of whom are on pay scale 13 or 14.

The function of the director is to manage all Medical laboratories countrywide, insuring that the labs have supplies, as well as the performance of administrative duties for over 30 staff in Belize City.

The complaint reaching us is that the new Director has no experience working at the Central Medical Laboratory as she was previously at the Corozal hospital where she allegedly did not have administrative duties.

Plusnews received a copy of a memo sent from the Director of Laboratory Services to the Director of Health services since December of last year. The subject of that memo is the “succession plan for retirement of Senior Medical Laboratory Technologist – Leona Garbutt”.

The memo clearly indicates the three senior technologists who would be next in line for the post along with their current position, qualifications, years of service and pay-scale.

Lab technicians say that they are afraid to speak up publicly for fear of victimization.

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