Sentenced to 5 year jail term but on bail after two months

54 year old Jamaican national, Delroy Chambers, was convicted two months ago for firearm, ammunition and drug trafficking and was sentenced to two to five years in prison. However, having spent only 72 days behind bars, Chambers is back home after he met bail offered to him after appealing his conviction.

Magistrate Dale Cayetano, who heard the grounds of appeal, granted the stay of execution, and offered him bail in the sum of $3,000 plus one surety of the same amount which he made on Tuesday at mid morning.

When Delroy Chambers was convicted back in October, he maintained his innocence to the bag of weed found hiding in a coconut tree in his yard, along with a 9 millimeter pistol and 9 live rounds of ammunitions.

The bust was made at his home on October 12, 2013, and apart from a toddler, Chambers was the only adult found at the home when the discovery was made by GSU officials.

Last week Thursday, Magistrate Cayetano heard arguments made by attorney Anthony that his client was a productive  member of society and was a first time offender.

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