Sepp Blatter Resigns!

Sepp Blatter resigns as FIFA’s president after a 17 year old tenure dogged by corruption scandals four days after being reelected as head of football’s world governing body. Blatter urges FIFA’s congress to organize an election for his successor at the ‘earliest opportunity’. Sepp Blatter says that he will continue to exercise his roles as FIFA president until the upcoming election. Blatter says that his decision is because he wants what is best for FIFA now and in the future and that it starts with getting an overhaul.  The next ordinary FIFA Congress would have taken place on May 13th 2016, but he is urging the congress to call one sooner as to speed up the election process and to give the candidates sufficient time to present themselves and campaign.  Blatter says that when all of this is over, he wants to see football emerge as the winner.

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