Series of Traffic Accidents Tragically Transpire in the Northern Corridor

Ladyville police were kept quite busy this weekend with a series of reports of traffic accidents in the northern corridor of the division as well.  Two men were knocked off a motorcycle in the area of Los Lagos on the Philip Goldson Highway late on Friday night.

vlcsnap-2014-03-03-19h32m43s107Mr. Christopher Noble- Assistant Superintendent

“That accident happened early part of the weekend and late evening, we did manage to find out that two persons and they received injuries to their legs.  Majority of the injuries to their legs at the hospital, I don’t know if they have been released or not, but the circumstances surrounding are investigation at this stage to comment on who is at fault or not, would be too premature to say.

Reporter:  “So, he did collide into the round-about?”

Mr. Christopher Noble:  “No we cannot say if they collided or were overtaking or were being overtaken.  That is still preliminaries”.

A  second accident took place on the Old Northern Highway near Corozalito village late on Sunday. It involved a female officer attached to Ladyville police station who was going home from duty at a political convention.

Corozalito junctionMr. Christopher Noble:   “It would be the area where Corozalito junction is, on the main Maskall thoroughfare.  There was an accident.  We have an officer from our area that was in a vehicle going home after work in a political convention and we got information that there had been an accident and he had been involved.  That officer was transported to the hospital and is hospitalized with a leg injury and we are looking into what are the circumstances of it.  The police did deal with the scene and we  are dealing with the transportation inspection, etc.”.

Also this morning, in the River Valley village of Bermudian Landing, there was a fatal accident with one John Wade and an ATV vehicle.

PoliceMr. Christopher Noble:   “They did visit and meet somebody that had some injuries and an ATV vehicle was in the area immediate.  The gentleman was identified and taken to the hospital, he has been pronounced dead, and we are looking into the circumstances that may have caused it.  While we are looking into the circumstances that may have caused it, our preliminaries are that he may have been by himself and he may have lost control.  May, I say because we are not totally sure; we are looking into whether or not that is so”.

So if you’re counting, that’s three persons killed and another three injured in the span of five days in the River Valley.

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