Seven years in prison for break-in sex assault

43 year old Lincoln Flowers of Belize City will spend the next seven years in prison after being caught fondling a woman as she lay in bed sleeping next to her common-law husband. Flowers was sentenced yesterday by Chief Magistrate Ann-Marie Smith on charges of burglary with vlcsnap-2016-04-22-15h18m36s416intent to rape and one count of sexual assault. The couple had gone out for the night on June 20, 2015. On their return home, the man neglected to lock the door to their residence. They did not know that Flowers lay in wait inside, waiting for his opportunity. But he made his move, fondling the woman and waking her up. She was shocked to find that it was not her partner touching her  and screamed, waking her partner up. Flowers fled with the common law husband in hot pursuit, and the police were called in. They quickly found and arrested Flowers. At trial, an unrepresented Flowers first admitted to breaking into the home, then tried to say he had done nothing wrong.But the story was undone in cross-examination and Flowers was forced to admit the truth. Chief Magistrate Smith handed down concurrent sentences of seven and 3 years respectively, meaning he will serve seven years instead of ten.

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