Sexual Assault Allegations Against UB Professors

The University of Belize is currently dealing with allegations of sexual assault on students by three male employees of that institution.

According to reports, on Tuesday morning flyers were being distributed on the Belmopan campus in which allegations against a male Dean and two male professors were made. The flyer lists three male employees of the schools as top sex offenders who prey on innocent students.

We called the police department in Belmopan to find out if any police report was made about any such incidents connected to the named individuals on the flyer.

However, according to police, no such report was made.

So if the accusations are legitimate, why would someone print flyers as opposed to making a police report?

vlcsnap-2015-02-18-08h18m56s56The University of Belize is investigating the serious allegations and issued a statement this evening saying,  “ UB maintains  a zero-tolerance policy on sexual harassment and is committed to maintaining a campus culture that fosters mutual respect and trust on the part of staff, students and teachers. UB’s policy on sexual harassment encourages prompt, formal reporting of all allegations of undesirable conduct; and the institution maintains a disciplinary process that seeks to sanction fully all instances of misconduct.”


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