Shane Bennett: Caught and Charged for Rape

Shane Bennett, a rape  suspect, was apprehended on Wednesday in the village of Independence, Stann Creek District.

The incident is related to a report made on Tuesday last week, where a 25 year old woman of Dangriga reported to police that on Sunday January 25th., at about 8 pm, she was along with a friend in his vehicle, whom she had asked to take her to the Benguche Area in Dangriga. While he was driving on Front Street, Dangriga Town, he reportedly made a left turn driving in a Western direction on an unknown street leading to Casa Bridge, and while travelling on the street she heard a banging sound of a rock hitting underneath the vehicle.

vlcsnap-2015-02-06-04h48m21s138The driver stopped the vehicle to make checks and while doing so two armed and masked men, believed to be Shane Bennett and Robert Taylor, approached the vehicle, one armed with a knife and the other armed with a hand gun.

The men then reportedly ordered the driver back into the vehicle and instructed him to drive near the cemetery. Upon arriving there, both the driver and the woman were tied up and both men reportedly proceeded to sodomise the woman.

A medical examination on the woman corroborated the report that she was forcefully sodomized.


vlcsnap-2015-02-06-04h48m40s60On the evening of Thursday later that same week, police had a shootout with the suspects that led to a high-speed chase. Police managed to apprehend 22 year old Robert Taylor, who was charged with rape, aggravated assault, theft of motor vehicle, abduction and robbery, and Rodwell Arzu, also present in the shootout, who was charged with aggravated assault.

On Wednesday police apprehended the second suspect of the rape incident, Shane Bennett, who was found in the village of independence.

Shane Bennett remains in police custody at the Dangriga police station pending charges.


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