Shane Gillett acquitted of murder of Samuel Price

30 year old Shane Gillett, Burrell Boom resident accused of and alleged to have confessed to the murder of 84 year old Samuel Price in 2011, could not have willingly given police a caution statement detailing his confession, Justice Adolph Lucas ruled today. And so, the judge concluded he could not be found guilty of having caused the senior citizen’s death. Price was found dead in his bathroom with multiple head and facial injuries and numerous fractures to the skull. But Justice Lucas, a former head of prosecution and defense attorney before ascending to the bench, outlined in stark detail how police appeared to bungle the case and ensure that Gillett nor possibly anyone else could be found vlcsnap-2016-06-16-10h52m14s388responsible. It starts with a crowbar alleged to be the murder weapon – but analysis disproved any link to Gillett.  There were fingerprints found at the scene – but no comparisons made to Gillett or other suspects – and results of any international analysis were not disclosed at trial. With no forensic evidence in play, the prosecution was left with two confessional statements – one by Gillett to a female neighbor; the other to police in Ladyville. But Justice Lucas rejected the woman’s testimony as seriously inconsistent and unreliable when compared with her statements to police. As for the police statement, that fell down when it became clear that according to Gillett, he was beaten, not fed nor given water. While denying the beating claims, the three officers who testified admitted that Gillett was not fed or  given water in their custody. Gillett was alleged to have wanted the guns reportedly located inside Price’s home. Given that Samuel is the younger brother of the late Right Honorable George Price, members of the Price and Usher families attended trial almost from the beginning. They declined comment on camera after today’s ruling except for Dolores Balderamos Garcia’s brief statement that, quote, “Clearly the judge looked at the inconsistency of the police.”

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