Shaquille Martinez remanded for Arson

22 year old Shaquille Martinez, aka “Grind”, broke the conditions of his bail and ended up back in court today. This time, there was no bail and he is in prison awaiting his next court appearance. Today, Martinez appeared in court on the charge of Arson. That is because he tried to burn down his ex girlfriend’s house with her inside, as well as their twin children. This attack on Kimberly Miranda is not Martinez’s first try at hurting his ex. In fact, the last time he was before the court, it was for a charge of Aggravated Assault against Miranda. At that time, he was granted bail and told to stay away from her. He didn’t do that however and went to her house on Monday. Miranda told him to leave and that is when Shaquile allegedly threw kerosene on her curtain and lit it afire. Miranda grabbed a gallon of water and doused the flame. Arson is an indictable offense which will be dealt with at the Supreme Court and so no plea was taken from him.  Senior Magistrate Aretha Ford upheld the prosecution’s objection to bail and had him remanded until his next court appearance on August 7, 2018.

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