She topped the PSE in Cayo

The top scorers for this year’s Primary School examination (PSE) were announced on Monday earlier this week via a press release. Gabriel Hope, of Bernice York institute of Learning, bested the PSE this year with a score of 386 out of 400. Among those top scorers was Emile [pronounced Emily] Torres, of Shepherds Academy, in Belmopan who tied for 6th place with two others with a score of 375. Emily Torres also scored the Highest in the Belmopan region and tied for the highest in the entire Cayo Division. She tells us what she did to prepare on and off campus.


Emile Torres– Highest PSE Grade  in Belmopanvlcsnap-2015-06-15-11h29m53s0
“I was worried about the English part of the exam and I think I did well on the math part of the exam.”

 Emanuel Pech – Plus TV Reporter

“What preparatory  work did you do to ensure that you performed well at the PSE?”

Emile Torres

“Well our teacher actually  gave us evening classes every day during the week and about three months before the PSE examination, we started coming to school at 8 o’clock  in the morning and started working on the mock PSEs. We did well preparations. We did not miss any day of preparations.”

Emanuel Pech

“Outside of school, what else did you do to get ready for the PSE examinations?”

Emile Torresvlcsnap-2015-06-15-11h29m41s115

“Well I watched the news every day, I studied very hard. If I got something wrong in the mock PSEs, I would go back home and work on it until I got it correctly.”

For the Shepherds Academy it is a reassurance that their efforts to enhance the level of education is working gradually.

Emanuel Pech

“What sort of work does the school do to ensure  that the kids to well on the PSE?”

Amira Santos– Standard Six Teachervlcsnap-2015-06-15-11h54m26s131

“Well, one of them is discipline in the class room. We have very good discipline in the classroo and I believe that helps in the preparation. We also have the principal, the management who support. We have morning classes and evening classes. the evening classes are very consistent,”

Diana   Codrington – diesbrech – Principal, Shepherds Academyvlcsnap-2015-06-15-11h51m04s2

“We are defiantly excited and proud of all of our students. Over the last four years, we have been doing excellent in the PSE, we have topped the Cayo District in the last four years. So we are very proud and very happy for all of our students.  From our analysis, each year, our school has been improving  in terms of the grades that are coming our for the PSE. So, every year we can say that it is moving up. We seek to provide excelent service in terms of giving the students all the assistance necessary and support to do very well in the PSE.”

7,223 students SAT the examination this year.

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