Shepherd’s Academy celebrates with students

Shepherd’s Academy celebrates with students. The Shepherd’s Academy has been in operation for almost five years now and this morning the school of approximately 100 students boarded vehicles for their own personal parade around the ring road. Mrs. Carolyn Hulse is the Principal at Shepherd’s Academy and she told us firstly how the school came about.

Mrs. Carolyn Hulse – Principal at Shepherd’s Academy:
vlcsnap-2013-06-21-19h02m18s73The vision to start the Shepherds Academy was Pastor Joe Marin.  He wanted to have an alternative to expensive private schools, so that people would have something rather than the very expensive private school and the public schools, something that would give quality education at an affordable price.

As you may know PSE results was recently released by the Ministry and of the School’s populations a total of eight sat the exam earlier this year. Hulse says that all eight students passed the exam and individual subjects which is the reason for their celebration.

Mrs. Carolyn Hulse – Principal at Shepherd’s Academy:
vlcsnap-2013-06-21-18h51m54s216It’s a celebration. We are celebrating several things.  We are celebrating our students’ PSE passes.  They did very will. We’re very proud of them.  And we’re lso celebrating God’s goodness to us throughout the year.
We had 8 students who took the PSE and they all passed.  They all did very well.  The lowest grade was 75%.  They all passed all their subjects.  There was no failure.  Everybody pass-marked.  You’ve heard about failures in English and Math.  They did really really well.
We celebrate because they work hard and they deserve a celebration.  It also motivates the rest of the school to want to do well, and we want the public to know that our children work hard and they do well.  

The school provides education for children from Preschool up to standard six.

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