Earlier today Former Senator and Foreign Minister Lisa Shoman wrote an open letter to the United Sates Embassy in Belize condemning the ill-treatment of migrant children at U.S Borders.  . In Early May Trumps Administration introduced a “zero tolerance” policy that sees adults who try to cross into the U.S. illegally, placed in custody and undergo criminal prosecution. Children who accompany these adults being charged are then separated and deemed to be unaccompanied minors.  According to U.S officials, 2,000 migrant children have been separated from families between the months of  April and May. Over the past week, videos have surfaced on social media showing those separated children sleeping in caged housing facilities. According to Shoman, this is a Humanitarian issue that everyone must speak out against. 

Lisa Shoman, Attorney at Law: Families are showing up at US border entry points and requesting asylum, and when asylum is requested no law has been broken. When asylum is requested parents are been separated from their children. Because the parents are been held in detention centers and situations which are like prisons, US law specifically the case of flores v reno that is a known civil rights case, does not permit children to be held in those situations. Therefore children are been separated from their parents. I saw an image this morning of a sixteen year old girl taking care of a two year old whom she didn’t know, but there was no one else there to take care of that child. I think these are the things that if it doesn’t appeal to your humanity, then your sense of humanity is very much in question. And as we know, the saying is that all that evil ever requires to triumph is that good people do nothing. I can’t sit here and do nothing, what I can do and what I have done is that as a former diplomat, former senator and former foreign minister, I have spoken out. I am going to make appeal to all Belizean who are US citizens and who are as disturbed about this as I am. ‘Please contact your US congress representative, contact your US senator and protest this state of affair’. This is not law, it is policy and the administration must be made to understand by its citizens that it is intolerable and it is inhumane, and it must stop. 

According to an online publication, GLOBAL NEWS, On Monday, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights official called on Trump administration to halt its “unconscionable” policy, saying it punishes “children for their parent’s action.”

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