Shoot out at Pasadita Bar, one dead, three injured

A shoot out at a bar on Tuesday night has left one man dead and three others suffering from gunshot wounds.  It happened sometime after 11 p.m. at Pasadita Bar, Iguana Creekvlcsnap-2016-05-12-12h44m23s70 - Copy Road in the Spanish Lookout Area.  59 year old Anibal Molina Estrada , a Belizean Businessman of Duck Run 3, was shot to the right side of his arm pit and five times to the buttocks. Police say when they arrived at the scene, Estrada’s body was lying face down on thevlcsnap-2016-05-12-15h36m31s22 - Copy ground in a pool of blood with a hand gun in his right hand. Three other persons were shot in the incident and taken to La Loma Luz hospital in Santa Elena for treatment. They are 64 year old Guillermo Guerra, a Belizean Farmer of Duck Run3, who was shot to the left foot; Victor Ismael Perez, a  52 year old Belizean Farmer of Duck Run 3 who was shot twice to the stomach; and Eddy Larios, a  Belizean Farmer of Duck Run 3 who was shot  to the right shoulder, and right side of stomach with the bullet exiting his left hip area. According to police, Guerra, Perez and Larios arrived in a black pickup at La Pasadita Bar and ordered beers. Shortly after, the now deceased Jose Anibal Molina Estrada arrived and there was an exchange of words between them which led to Jose Molina Estrada firing shots at the three men.  Larios then pulled out a firearm and returned fire at Molina Estrada fatally wounding him. Guerra, Perez and Larios then headed too La Loma Luz Hospital to seek medical attention for their injuries.  We spoke to Gregory Cano, the son-in-law of the deceased who told us more about Molina Estrada and what he knows of the murder.

Gregory Cano, Son-in-law of the deceased: He had past enemies but I don’t know them and from up to now when I heard the news that they shot him, I was very upset. They told me that it happened at 11. He was here eating with his wife and he went to the ‘Pacelito’ to get some drinks and when he reached there they said he got shot. They vlcsnap-2016-05-12-12h44m40s5 - Copyvlcsnap-2016-05-12-12h43m34s87called me that they shot my father in law like 2 o clock in the morning. 

Cano told us that his father-in-law had recently moved into the community and had established his business place Super Tienda Molina. He says Molina was not necessarily easily accepted into the community since he was a successful businessman who pushed for what he wanted.   Cano was asked if Molina normally kept a gun on him.

Gregory Cano, Son-in-law of the deceased: He has two guns.

Reporter: Did he have his gun on him last night? 

Gregory Cano, Son-in-law of the deceased: Yes he had his gun. He tried to protect himself but like how three of them where there, I don’t know what happened, an argument maybe, but he just try to defend himself from that. 

vlcsnap-2016-05-12-12h44m09s180 - CopyAt the scene, police retrieved one Ruger 9mm pistol with five 5 live rounds of ammunition from off the body of the deceased. Police say they also found 17 expended 9mm shells at the scene.  The body of Jose Anibal Molina Estrada was transported to the San Ignacio Community Hospital Morgue awaiting a post mortem Examination. The three injured men were later transported to the Western Regional Hospital where Larios is in a critical but stable condition while Guerra and Perez are in stable conditions. Police say inside the pickup truck that transported the men to the hospital, they found another glock 9mm pistol without ammunition. Both Larios and Estrada are licensed gun holders.  According to villagers, the motive for the shooting may be related to Molina’s desire to open of a bar in Duck Run 3. According to sources, Larios was Village Chairman for Duck Run 3 for a number of years and during that time, Molina relentlessly tried to get him to sign off on a bar in Duck Run 3. But Larios allegedly refused to give Molina permission. The new chairman in the person of Victor Mayecko Perez, also refused Molina’s request for him to sign off on the bar in the community. Villagers say this caused bad blood between the men which is what they believed resulted in the shoot out on Tuesday night. Police are investigating. vlcsnap-2016-05-12-12h44m57s177 - Copy vlcsnap-2016-05-12-12h44m50s102 - Copy vlcsnap-2016-05-12-12h44m40s5 - Copy

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