Shoot out between cops and outlaws ends in one of the culprits being shot

While police were processing the shooting scene of Leon Humes around 12:30 Saturday morning,  a blue 4 door Mercury car drove up suddenly at the corner of Poinsettia and Black Orchid Street. The vehicle was immediately pursued by a marked Police vehicle and a motorcycle patrol team when the car ran into a vlcsnap-2013-03-18-20h35m00s101drain. Police say 27 year old Brandon Smith was seen exiting the car with a pistol and began firing shots towards the Police The Police returned fire towards the car and as a result the driver of the car identified as 28 year old Alrick Smith was shot once to abdomen. Brandon Smith ran off and made his escape.  The car was impounded. Police detained Alrick Smith who is presently admitted at the KHMH in a Critical condition. A warrant in the first instance has been issued for the arrest of Brandon Smith for four counts of Attempted Murder.

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