Shooting in Belize City leaves 3 teenagers hospitalized

Five teenagers were shot in three different incidents in Belize City. The first incident left three teenagers of Belize City hospitalized after a Valentine Day shooting in the Old Capital. On Sunday the 14th of February, 19 year old Wilbert Welch, 19 year old  Davone Gillett, and 19 year old Chelsea Young were walking together on the sidewalk of Newtown Barracks in Belize City. While walking, they saw three male persons standing around a white vehicle. One of the male persons then fired shots at Welch, and some stray bullets caught Gillett and Young. Wilbert Welch was shot to the left shoulder and suffered from abrasions to the forehead, 19-year-old Davone Gillett was shot to the neck and left shoulder, and 19-year-old Chelsea Young was shot to the left hand. All three persons were then transported to the K.H.M.H for treatment where all have been listed stable conditions.  Police have since detained three persons pending investigations.

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