Shooting in Ladyville

Ladyville Police have arrested two persons for the shooting of Kenroy Arnold.  On Thursday night March 12th at around 9 pm 29 year old Kenroy Arnold was socializing with friends when a vehicle reportedly pulled up with two men inside. One of them men stepped out of the vehicle and opened fire in the direction of Arnold who was shot to the back and right hand and was listed in a critical but stable condition. On Friday, the sister of Arnold spoke to our colleagues at channel 7 off camera and told them that she believes her brother was not the intended target of Thursday night’s shooting.


Kenroy’s Sistervlcsnap-2015-03-19-10h14m23s205

“I get the phone call about- round lee bit after 4:30 that my bredda get shot and we rush this side yah so fi check pan ah and thing. Deh ker ah back ah BDF camp and he mi d talk lee bit. He seh that how dah some bwai outa wah white vehicle come out and run outta d vehicle and shat atta ah.


So your brother was there with other young men right?”

Kenroy’s Sister

“Yes, dah mi lat ah people. Dah wah yaad weh latta people  associate ina. Lat ah people was there.


But the family believes that he was at the wrong place at the wrong time.”

Kenroy’s Sister

“Well not really because he usually hangs out at that spot deh but I noh think he dah mi d person deh mi want ketch yuh know.


Police have since arrested on charged 23 year old Ronold Michael, and 30 year old Alrick Smith jointly for “conspiracy to commit murder” and additionally charged Ronold Michael for “attempted murder”, “Deadly means of harm,” and Dangerous harm.”


Fredrick Gordon-Officer in Charge of Ladiviile Policevlcsnap-2015-03-19-10h14m36s93

“In respect of the shooting in respect of Kenroy Arnold, Ladyville Police have since arrested and charge two persons for the shooting incident. We have one  Alrick Smith of Ladyville and one Ronald Michael of Belize City. Charged for offence of use of deadly means of harm, attempt murder, and aggravated assault with a fire arm.”
Emmanuel Pech – PlusTV Journalist

“Last week there was some doubt and there was some speculation in part of the family, whether or not Arnold was the actual target. Can you tell us what police have uncovered at this point?”

 Fredrick Gordon

“No, we noh get nothing farther in respect of the motive of the shooting right. Yes we have received slight information that they had some misunderstanding but nothing to conform such.”

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