Shooting near Guatemalan Border

Police in Benque Viejo are investigating a shooting incident near the Guatemalan border, that left one Guatemalan National, Cesar Rodriguez, receiving treatment at the San Ignacio Hospital and another likely dead.

According to Police, at around 9 o clock on Sunday evening they received reports of shots being fired somewhere along the Mopan River near Clarissa Falls.

Inspector Stanley Boden, Deputy Officer in Command of Benque Viejo Police told Plus News that they released a search party that same evening but were unsuccessful due to the poor lighting conditions in the area.


vlcsnap-2014-10-22-07h34m11s138Stanley Bowden – Inspector of Police

“Sometime around 10:30 / 11 or thereabouts, we received a call in respect of a male person with gunshot wounds.  At this time the person was in the Benque Viejo Town area.  He was picked up by the Police and transported to the San Ignacio Community Hospital.

He was later identified to be a minor from [Castrillo de]  Suchitan.”


19 year old Cesar Umberto Chincia Rodriguez received a single gunshot wound to the right thigh. He was treated at the San Ignacio Hospital and released earlier today. Rodriguez has informed police that he was fishing with two other male persons, who had crossed the border illegally.


Inspector Stanley Bowden

“The minor then informed the Police that while fishing on the banks of the river in the Clarissa Falls area, he was along with two other male persons, when someone fired a shot at them.

He also informed the Police that he believed that one of his friends also received gunshot wounds, however at this time he cannot be located.

We went back Monday morning at daylight, where checks have been made in the area, where we came across some fishing utensils, along with clothing, and a pool of blood.  However, because of the condition of the river, it is difficult for us to do any search, because the river is high and it floods.”


The third man is believed to have escaped and made his way back to Guatemala. As for Cesar Rodriguez, who was found in Benque Viejo, Police have sent him to Immigration, who will correspond with Guatemalan counterparts to have him transported back to his home country. No charges will be levied against him.


Inspector Stanley Bowden

“We have contacted the authorities in Guatemala, the Consulate as well.  I’ve spoken to the individual.

Because of the treaty between Belize and Guatemala, and of course this person is a minor, he cannot be charged.  So I believe he will be sent back to Guatemala.”


Police investigations are revealing that the person/or persons who fired the shots followed the trio from Guatemala into Belizean territory. A motive for the shooting has not been established while police continue investigations.

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