Shooting reported in Belize City

While non-fatal, last night’s shooting incident on West Canal is a troubling flare up of violence in the always fiery area where East and West Canals intersect with Rocky Road, Berkley Street, South Street, Dean Street and Prince Street. That’s because that area is home to several gangs that area often times at odds with each other and over the years there has been countless senseless murders in the area. ACP Chester Williams states that the intruders were from Northside Belize City: [

 ACP Chester Williams, Assistant Commissioner of Police: From our investigation that we have gathered is that there were two persons in a vehicle hanging out in the area of Prince Street and the canal side and it is basically enemy turf actually and apparently they were spotted by the personnel from the George Street area who then went and fired shots, not at them but within the area to scare them and basically to get them out of the area.  The persons, upon doing so, were intercepted by the police and they are in custody at this time because they are wanted for a shooting over at north side.  These persons are from north side as well and north side police want them for a shooting so we will be handing them over to north side for further investigation in respect to a shooting for which they are wanted on that side of the city

ACP Williams had to concede after some argument that the officers posted in the area were slow to respond to the shots fired, but he notes that they have a system in place to boost the vigilance of the officers stationed in hotspot areas.vlcsnap-2016-06-03-11h41m22s456

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