Shooting Reported in Burrell Boom

vlcsnap-2014-01-06-18h31m48s78Violence has been reported in the usually peacefully village of Burrell Boom in the River Valley.  According to police, 28 year old Adrian Myvette of the Butter Cup hamlet next to Burrell Boom was riding a purple ladies’ model bicycle on the Burrell Boom Road near the entrance to Castleton Race Track on Saturday night around 11:35 p.m. when a man on a motor cycle opened fire from behind him, injuring him in the left side of the chest and right side of the abdomen. He is now in stable condition and today ASP Chris Noble, O/C of the Ladyville substation which commands the entire mainland Belize Rural district, updated the press on the status of the investigation.

vlcsnap-2014-01-07-10h20m26s175ASP Chris Noble- Officer in Charge of the Ladyville Police Substation

‘”On that incident, we have very minimal information.  We know that somebody is at the Karl Heusner.  The hospital authorities there have been doing their best to deal with him.  We have two persons in custody.  Continuing in our investigation and what we have so far is that we are falling on in a shooting incident”.

Reporter:  “It appears to be an attempted murder.  There has probably hasn’t been one there for almost a year, I would say.  Do you consider this to be some rivalry brewing or was this person an outsider?”

ASP Chris Noble:  What we are looking at is the incident on a whole and looking on what may have caused it.   That information is still what we are delving into and it may be from the outside or may be from within the village.  Whether it is rival or if it is not, I cannot really say, but we will look into it and if it is, we will look into it”.

ASP Noble says the Department will keep a close eye on the district, which saw an uptick in murders last year.Belize police logo

ASP Chris Noble:  “We have two persons in custody that may render some assistance to the investigation”.

Reporter:  “I know that the entire Boom Area has been, within Hattieville-Ladyville-Boom, which are the three greater populations, traditionally, that area has been the coolest”.  

ASP Chris Noble:  “Well, it has been.  Burrel Boom is one that is family oriented like so many other communities we have and the disturbance of this nature concerns us.  So, we will be looking at whatever it takes.  We have started  new programs in there that address up and coming youths, but to address the older heads, we don’t have any, and possibility of looking into it is there now because we are seeing where it will be a growing concern”.

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