Shooting Reported in City Neighborhood

vlcsnap-2014-01-08-08h54m33s168Police have made no formal reports, but we spoke today to area residents of Supal Street who say there was shooting in their area sometime last night.  This morning, one resident actually found a bullet in her house which had impacted her window.  She spoke to us about it.

vlcsnap-2014-01-08-08h56m11s0Concerned Citizen- Resident of Supal Street

“I was inside of my house watching TV and I hear the gun shots gone off.  I hear one of the ringer do like that weh catch it, but I did n’t come out to see nothing until lee while after that, I deceide fuh see, well, this paat ah dih window, then I see the police dem out here and the whole crowd deh and ting, and seh mos e sonting mos e happen, but I didn’t know that vlcsnap-2014-01-08-09h02m11s99e haad bore.   But I was not on the verandah, that was the paat that got shot”.

Because she had already locked up and was afraid to come out she did not see who was doing the shooting or whom they shot at. But she is concerned for her life, as she has reason to believe no one in the area would target her home and family.

Concerned Citizen:  “I no feel safe at all, heh.  I get fraitn ann ting but ah seh, when the police were here, well, I feel okay. When dehn gaan, I just hope notting more again, you know?  But notting else neva occur afta; everiting was peace afta dat.  I hope deh no ah come back…I don’t know where dehn cohn from…the crowd, I don’t know.   It’s not no way from here.  I know that dehn come soh way from out there eena deh shooting from there, so, I don’t know”.

Reporter:  “And it’s only the two of you live here?”

vlcsnap-2014-01-08-09h24m24s109Concerned Citizen:  “It’s only the two”.

Reporter:  “So, it couldn’t be any way that they were targeting this house?”

Concerned Citizen:  “No, no, deh no dih target the house, fahn dih time we live here deh no target the house”.

Concerned Citizen:  “Everybody rispect wih roung here, the crowd dehn weh live here, so, dehn rispec we ann ting, vlcsnap-2014-01-08-08h58m57s33nobaddy at all do we notting”.

PLUS News has confirmed that Jason “Soup” Williams, a resident of the area, was grazed by gunfire in the incident which took place around 8:00 Tuesday night.  The elderly couple’s home was caught up in the cross fire.

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