Shooting Victim Jamil Richardson now deceased

vlcsnap-2013-05-28-20h41m31s104Last month we told you about plans by the family of shooting victim Jamil Richardson to raise funds for his treatment. The 30 year old and a friend were shot at in the Vernon Street area on Holy Thursday night and one of the bullets lodged in and shattered his spine.  It was an uphill struggle for his family and friends until it ended on Sunday night, May 26. According to his sister, Tanisha Chavez, the man known as “Cash” was a fighter to the end.

Tanisha Chavez – Sister of Jamil Richardson:
vlcsnap-2013-05-28-20h43m47s131Everybody knows that we did a fund-raising to try and help Jamil with the therapy.  The therapy never really worked out as well as we expected.  On Saturday night his girlfriend called we ’bout 11 o’clock, and told we that she had to carry him back to the hospital. She di call the ambulance.  When the ambulance com he still talk and everything.  They try find beans fi give ah some blood and everything.  They already lock ah up.
The Sunday morning he still may di talk good.  He may di rail up because he say the doctor want scrape he bedsore. So he never want he touch it.  Like one hour after that he just stop talk.
She said the doctor tell her that how they give ah up and thing. 

Chavez told us that the position of the paralyzing bullet literally poisoned Richardson.

Tanisha Chavez – Sister of Jamil Richardson:
I think that the bullet poison ah, because the doctor may say that if the bullet lodge pon one bone part, behind the spine, the bullet could poison the bone. I think that the bullet poison his inside, ’cause the bullet went in his spine.  He still have one by his foot. I don’t think it’s the one by his foot.  I think it’s the one by his spine.

The family now desperately wants closure, as police investigations continue.

Tanisha Chavez – Sister of Jamil Richardson:
We still no di get nothing outa this matter. 
Probably they gone round make a search different persons and the actually catch the wrong person. 
Man. you don’t know what you do to this family. You gonna tear this family apart. You tear the kids apart from they pa. This man was well loving. My niece can’t take this, none at all, fi he oldest child, he daughter, one and only daughter.  I have two son and they can’t take this any at all. 

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