Shooting Victim still waiting for compensation

On Wednesday we caught up with Steven Buckley, the shooting victim whose story has become a cause célèbre locally after Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital through Credit Master Systems slapped him with a bill for $6,561. But earlier this week he met with hospital officials who gave him something that is just as important: the medical records he needs to pursue civil and criminal cases against the Police and Inspector Dennis Lopez, the man who allegedly shot at him during a traffic stop in April of 2010. We spoke to him about it.

Steven Buckley – Shooting Victim: [paraphrased]

vlcsnap-2013-08-02-10h48m41s145They gave me a paper (Medical Report).  They show me the incidents I’ve gone through.  They never told me if it is cleared off or nothing.  They never told me if they gave this to the DPP.  I don’t know anything about that. 



According to Mr Buckley the hospital has not exactly been forthcoming about the bill and he wants that cleared up too.

Steven Buckley – Shooting Victim: [paraphrased]

They never called me.  They never explained it to me.  They just gave me the paper.  That’s all I know. 

There has been no contact [between me and the Police].  They haven’t contacted me, and I haven’t contacted them. 

I need for the hospital bill to get paid, and I need them to take care of me also.

Earlier this week the hospital’s governing authority chair, Chandra Nisbet Cansino, intimated that the hospital will hold back on the bill until the criminal case goes to trial in September. Buckley’s bill, she said, is one of many the hospital handed over to Credit Master Systems for collection, and the amount owed exceeds $10 million in six years. She also denied that the hospital withheld the medical records pending the payment of the bill.  As for the records, they confirm that Buckley’s injury was life-threatening and caused “permanent disfigurement,” as he is unable to lift and use his right arm.

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