Shootings in the Old Capital; are these ones random?

There were some shooting incidents reported in Belize City this weekend but the they appear to be random and arbitrary. A34-year-olddriver for Election and Boundaries was driving a red government Wingle on West Collect Canal heading towards Mex Avenue on Sunday night. Upon reaching the junction of West Collect Canal and South Street, he slowed down at a speed bump and as he was passing the bump, he saw a man wearing a cap  standing approximately ten feet from the Canal side. He stated that he just glanced at the man for about thirty seconds and continued driving, however, as he was driving off, he heard a loud bang, which sounded like a gunshot and heard four more gunshots. Fearing for his life, he sped off making his way to the police station where he discovered that there were bullet holes on the vehicle. Police are investigating.

About an hour later, a 57-year-old fisherman of  Belize City was heading home driving his Mazda Pick Up truck on the Philip Goldson highway. He stopped at the pedestrian ramp in front of Friendship Restaurant to allow a man to walk across the ramp towards Traveller’s Bar. He then turned to look at the male person, who had already passed his pick up when without any warning the same person turned around while on the ramp and fired four shots in his direction. The man then ran back across the highway and got on a motorcycle which was parked on the right hand side of the highway, where another man was already waiting and they sped off in the direction of Park Avenue. Fearing for his life, He drove off and made his way home where he checked to see if he had received any injuries and noticed he had none but the vehicle had 4 bullet holes in the windshield and passenger glass.

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