Shootout on the Seas with Coast Guard

Belize-Coast-Guard-Navy-seal-logo1There was a shoot out on the seas where the Coast Guard was in pursuit of a skiff carrying three men.

Today in Court, a trio of Belize City men were charged with aggravated assault and drugs and illegal fishing offences.

vlcsnap-2014-04-14-17h58m34s90According to police, two members of the National Coast Guard reported that they responded to a report of an apparent robbery in an area southeast of Middle Long Caye in the Lighthouse Reef system, 20 miles from Belize City.

Shortly thereafter they saw a skiff  matching the description given by the robbery victim. The skiff fled and the Coast Guard officers set chase.

Eventually, the vessel stopped in the water and as the Coast Guard closed in, four shots were fired.

The vessel then tried to make its way back toward Middle Long Caye to outrun the law, but they were reeled in and the men on board apprehended.

vlcsnap-2014-04-14-17h58m13s137They are 28 year old Giovanni Murillo, 19 year old Everon Teck, Jr., and 36 year old Lionel Sedacey, all fishermen from Belize City.

Reports are that the group was engaged in stealing seafood catches from fishermen and selling it to outside sources.

The men were charged with 2 counts of aggravated assault.  They were remanded without bail until June 13,  after pleading not guilty to the charge.

Sedacey alone was charged with possession of a controlled drug for 0.9 grams of ca5nnabis found at his Amara Avenue vlcsnap-2014-04-14-17h58m22s230home by police after a search. He pleaded guilty and paid a $100 fine forthwith.

Coast Guard officials found 31 lobster tails and four hawks bill turtle fins and laid charges of illegal possession of products outside of the closed season.

Sedacey pleaded guilty to these charges as well was fined $650 for the lobster tails and $4,000 for the turtle fins, both to be paid by April 30, in default a total of 15 months imprisonment.

The items were turned over to Police who handed them to the Fisheries Department.

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