Shot taxi driver succumbs to injuries

He was shot on Sunday morning after dropping off a fare on Iguana Street. On Monday night, 55 year old taxi operator Egbert Hemmans of Central American Boulevard succumbed to his injuries in hospital. His passenger, 31 year old Mark Medina Jr of Berkeley Street, had died the day of the incident and a post-mortem examination certified cause of death as trauma shock from multiple gunshot wounds. Police, says Supt. Hilberto Romero, are no closer to identifying the killers of either man.


Supt. Hiberto Romero – OC, CIB Eastern Divisionmark27.4.15d
“We do not have anybody in custody for those murders. Our investigation continues.”

“We understand that a phone call was made during that murder or just before that murder happened. Is the police looking at phone records or anything like that to ascertain whether a call may have been made and these persons were lured to that location?”

Supt. Hiberto Romero

“We are following up on those leads and if at the end of that investigation we manage to find sufficient evidence to charge anyone – that will be done. However, at this time we have not been able to charge anyone and we are following up on those leads.”

“Was police able to speak to Mr. Hemmans before his passing?”

Supt. Hiberto Romero
“He was in a critical condition. He provide little information. Thereafter communication was lost and then he succumb to his injuries yesterday.”



Police continue to determine as part of their investigations if Hemmans was caught up in a rub-out of Medina or if he had something to do with what happened.

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