Are criminal elements now targeting the Capital City of Belmopan? Residents of Site 7 Belmopan were shaken up on Saturday night by the sounds of several gunshots coming out of a nearby park. Reports are that about 11 p.m. that night, thirty four year old mechanic James Wagner was socializing at the Mae Gordon Park when he was approached by two male persons. Wagner reportedly got into a conflict with one of the male persons he knew. Wagner told Police that during the altercation. the second male person threw a pint bottle which grazed him to the right side of his neck. The men then left and after about 20 minutes, Wagner heard several gunshots of which two bullets caught his 2002 silver Jeep Liberty SUV casing damages to his front and rear windshield. Police processed the scene where they retrieved six 9mm casings. According to Police, persons were later detained for questioning and then released. Police are currently seeking two male persons who they say can assist in this investigation.

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