SIF project financiers call for independent investigation into Dangriga market project





Last week the Social Investment Fund effectively took over the Dangriga Market Project after Kennard Smart, contractor with K&G Construction, left it up in the air following reports of lack of financing and inability to continue the project. The responsibility has fallen on Emy Gilharry Ramirez and Lyndon Bailey, who have workers on site. But on Monday the contractors via press release complained that SIF has refused to have an audience with them over the handing over of the site and auditing of material there. vlcsnap-2013-09-25-07h16m00s170Emy Ramirez writes that “SIF is refusing to be responsible and their unprofessional conduct has cost me even more money and while I have tried to reach out to SIF they are now refusing to address my concerns.  First they tried to get me to sign off on a payment that was bogus, then they refuse to discuss my payments with me, then they refuse to explain to me their recent decisions concerning the market, and now they are refusing to audit my material on site or to address the fact that K&G Construction will never go hand over any site, so they must deal with me the actual contractor on the ground.” Ms. Ramirez says she now wants “an independent investigation into all aspects of this project, since someone needs to account for the money I have invested in this project and SIF is only now refusing to pay.” This after insisting that she continued to invest in the project based on SIF’s reassurances that she would be reimbursed for her efforts. SIF has not responded to a letter from Ramirez’s attorney, Audrey Matura-Shepherd, sent yesterday asking to address their concerns. As such, the release concludes, “It is obvious by SIF’s conduct that they have abandoned the project and reneged on [their] official duties.”


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