Signature on nationality certificate clarified

vlcsnap-2013-10-01-08h35m29s13Last week, in our coverage of the passport scandal at the Ministry of Immigration, PlusNews showed you a copy of the nationality certificate issued to South Korean Kim Won Hong. Along with the signature of former Minister of State Elvin Penner. We reported that also present was the signature of a Dorita Pacheco, believed to be the head of the nationality department. Tonight, we retract that report – as it is not Pacheco’s signature on the document and she is no longer affiliated with the Ministry of Immigration. Attorney at law Arthur Saldivar, who approached us with the information, also expressed his apologizes to Pacheco this morning on Rise and Shine.

Mr. Arthur Saldivar- Attorney at Law

vlcsnap-2013-10-01-08h59m49s253 “In conjunction with the immigration situation, Ms, Pacheco has nothing to do with the Ministry of Immigration and Department and that was an error on my part.   So, I am apologizing to her and her family for whatever the stress they have been caused or…and if the signature has been stamped though, is dated the 9th of the 9th month 2013, like Phicol, where that signature is evidenced on the document, it is not Dorita Pacheco’s signature.   So, let me make that clear again:  That was my error, not the error of Plus TV; my error as investigation came from me”!



Upon further investigation, we discovered that the second signature is that of Omar Phillips, a data entry clerk, one of the three persons within the Immigration department who has since been recommended for suspension.

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